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How long the TEI Racing Brake pads last ?

March 19, 2020

china latest news about How long the TEI Racing Brake pads last ?



How long the TEI Racing Brake pads last ?


Before asking the question ,we have to know the material of the brake pads .


semi-metallic friction material, applied to disc brake pads for cars and heavy vehicles. he composition of the material formulation usually contains about 30%~50% of iron metals (such as steel fiber, reduced iron powder, foam iron powder). Features: good heat resistance, high absorption power per unit area, large thermal conductivity, can be applied to the braking conditions of the vehicle in high speed and heavy load operation requirements. brake noise large, edge brittle and other shortcomings


NAO friction material: in a broad sense refers to non-asbestos-non-steel fiber type friction material, but the current disc also contains a small amount of steel fiber. a base material in NAO friction material is in most cases a mixture of two or more fibers (in inorganic fibers with a small amount of organic fibers). Hence NAO the friction material is non-asbestos mixed fiber friction material. Usually the brake pad is short cut fiber type friction block, and the clutch plate is continuous fiber type friction plate. powder metallurgy friction materials.



Also known as sintered friction materials, the iron-based, copper-based powder materials are mixed, pressed, and sintered at high temperature. suitable for braking and transmission conditions at higher temperature. Such as: aircraft, truck, heavy construction machinery braking and transmission. Advantages: long service life; Disadvantages: high product price, large braking noise, heavy and brittle, large dual wear. carbon fiber friction material. It is a kind of friction material made of carbon fiber as reinforcing material. Carbon fiber has the characteristics of high modulus, good heat conduction and heat resistance. Carbon fiber friction material is the best performance of various types of friction materials.



The carbon fiber friction plate has high absorption power per unit area and light specific gravity, which is especially suitable for the production of aircraft brake pads, and some high-grade car brake pads are also used abroad. Because of its high price, its application scope is limited and its output is less. In carbon fiber friction material components, in addition to carbon fiber, also use graphite, carbon compounds. organic binders in the components are also carbonized, so carbon fiber friction materials are also called carbon —— carbon friction materials or carbon based friction materials.




TEI Racing Brake pads

Material ceramic graphite Heat-resistant 400 degrees
Weight 1.45KG/set(4pcs) Friction Coefficient 0.4


Normally , it is last 10,000 kilometres .


Where can i buy the replacement of brake pads of TEI racing  ?


1: you can buy brake pads from us 


2: you can buy brake pads in your local store as the brakes pads specifications 



P40S  Brake pads size





P60S  brake pads size





S60 pads size





S40 Brake pads size






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